Welcome to the Mulberry API documentation! You will find everything you need in order to integrate Mulberry’s extended warranties here.

If you use an eCommerce platform, we have built in integrations with the following platforms that will handle the bulk of the integration:

Head over to the specific documentation for your eCommerce platform for more information.

If you use a different platform or no eCommerce platform, head over to the Custom Integration Section below.

Custom Integration Overview

In order to integrate your site with Mulberry, you will need to complete three simple steps.

  1. Create an account with Mulberry and view your access tokens

    a. You can complete both steps by navigating to the Mulberry retailer dashboard.

  2. Set up Mulberry products/SKUs in your catalog.

    a. We find that the simplest way to do this is to leverage a custom line item mechanism (if you have one) that you can populate with dynamic information (such as price) on the fly when adding a warranty to the user’s cart.

  3. Complete the front end integration.

    a. Use the Mulberry SDK to seamlessly retrieve warranty offers for the product page a user is viewing.

    b. Then, you can use the SDK’s built-in widgets to display the warranty offers on your PDP

    c. When a user selects a warranty, add it to the cart like any other line item

  4. Registering Warranty Sales with Mulberry

    a. At the time of purchase, if the user included a Mulberry warranty in their order, a POST request is made to the Mulberry checkout API endpoint

    b. This API call must contain the “warranty_offer_id” that is contained in the response payload when the offer was fetched. Typically, our partners store this as metadata on the line item so it is easily accessible at checkout

For steps 2 through 4, this jsfiddle (embedded below) will walk you through the steps and show you them in an interactive example.

5. Serving Warranty Offers Post-purchase

 a. If you send the line item information for orders that do not contain a Mulberry warranty to our post-purchase API endpoint, then Mulberry will automatically generate a URL that redirects the consumer to a Mulberry-hosted page that allows them to purchase a warranty within 30-90 days of their initial purchase

 b. This link is most commonly shown as a call to action or upsell on a thank you page and is also frequently used in email correspondence after the order