Static integration only

Do not follow this guide if you are dynamically fetching warranties.

Once the customer has completed a purchase, you must notify Mulberry of the sale in order to initiate coverage by hitting our /api/checkout endpoint. Upon notification, Mulberry will send a welcome email to the customer, with instructions to access the customer portal (where the customer can manage their warranty details and file claims).

Checkout Call

HTTP method: POST

Authentication: Private Bearer Token

Staging Endpoint: https://partner-staging.getmulberry.com/api/checkout

Production Endpoint: https://partner.getmulberry.com/api/checkout

The example below would notify Mulberry that a Table sold for $1200 had a 24-month warranty associated with it.

          "product_title":"Dining Table",
          "meta": {
          "breadcrumbs": [
           {"category": "All Products", "url": "https://yoursite.com/products"},
           {"category": "Kitchen & Dining", "url": "https://yoursite.com/products/kitchen-and-dining"},
           {"category": "Kitchen & Dining Furniture", "url": "https://yoursite.com/products/kitchen-and-dining-furniture"},
           {"category": "Dining Tables", "url": "https://yoursite.com/products/dining-chairs"}
    "address1":"123 Mint St. Apt 3F",
    "state":"New York",
    "country":"United States"
  "email":"[email protected]"
line_itemsLine items / products to add warranty coverage foryesarray
warrantyThe warranty detailsyesobject
warranty_priceThe price the customer purchased the warranty for (excluding tax)yesstring
warranty_idThe SKU representing a warranty in your product catalogyesstring
warranty_durationThe duration of the warranty sold in monthsyesinteger
productsList of products covered by a warrantyyesarray
product_priceThe price the customer paid for the product (excluding tax)yesstring
product_idThe SKU of the product being purchasedyes'string'
product_titleThe title of the product soldyesstring
retailer categoriesProduct categorization assigned by the retailernoobject
imagesProduct imagesnostring
metaProduct metadatanostring
billing_addressThe address of the customer purchasing the warrantyyesobject
first_nameCustomer First nameyes`string
last_nameCustomer Last nameyesstring
address1Customer Address Line 1yesstring
address2Customer Address Line 2nostring
phoneCustomer Phone numberyesstring
stateCustomer Stateyesstring
country_codeCustomer Country Codeyesstring
countryCustomer Countryyesstring
idThe unique ID of the order in your ecommerce platformyesstring
email:Customer Emailyesstring


Handling quantity

To checkout with more than 1 of the same product, you must repeat the line item in the line_items array