Using the 'Learn More' trigger allows you to launch a modal with informative, promotional messaging about Mulberry protection plans. Educating customers on the value of Mulberry's protection throughout the conversion funnel will increase the likelihood of purchase intent.

mulberry-learn-moreThis class displays the learn more modalyesstring
data-layoutThis config identifies whether to use a text link or an icon. Use 'icon' to display an icon.nostring
data-program-idThis id is the corresponding program coverage that is given to you by your partner success manageryesstring

Configuration and Styling

You can use the Learn More trigger in 2 different ways, through a text link or using a '?' icon. In order to derive the correct coverage terms to be displayed to your customers, you will be supplied a program ID from your partner success manager that should be used with this component.

Both options take up minimal real estate on your PDP pages. You can pair the icon version with your own product protection copy:


Learn More Icon

Alternatively the text link can be used as a continuation of a longer CTA copy:


Learn More Link

You can place the Learn More component using an HTML reference at all places where you want promotional messaging to be displayed.