How to Maximize User Interaction & Attachment

Section B. Best Practices for Widget Use

Mulberry’s Best Practices are aggregated from across our retail partner base, and our Standard Design Kit (“SDK”) is updated as necessary after the completion of A:B testing of new features or treatments.

Use of the full Design Kit (“SDK”)

Retailers who leverage the full suite of 4 Mulberry widgets typically are optimally positioned to achieve their financial objectives for the sale of Mulberry Protection Plans.

Mulberry widgets are purposefully positioned in the conversion funnel from Product Detail Page through Checkout in order to maximize visibility and optimize attachment rate.

Each of the 4 Mulberry widgets can be expected to contribute proportionally to the overall financial objective of the retailer. For a retailer using the full Standard Design Kit (“SDK”), a typical estimated revenue contribution looks like this:

Inline PDP Buttons
Est. 10% of Plan Revenue

The Inline PDP buttons increase the effectiveness of the other SDK components by predisposing shoppers to the concept of Product Protection Plans at the start of the checkout funnel.

Interstitial Comparison Modal
Est. 65% of Plan Revenue

The Interstitial Comparison Modal drives the majority of attachment because it enables the most descriptive presentation of the Product Protection Plan offers. Shoppers may dismiss the modal by simply clicking outside the field, clicking the x close button, or by clicking the “no thanks” link inside the modal.

Cart Button
Est. 20% of Plan Revenue

The Cart Button performs well for shoppers who are in browse mode and have bypassed the previous widgets in the funnel. The cart page is often used as a holding place where final considerations are made before checkout. Shoppers who click the Cart Button will launch the Comparison Modal, where they will see the same detailed side-by-side coverage points.

Checkout+ Button (NEW)
Est. 5% of Plan Revenue

The Checkout+ button is the newest SDK component of Mulberry. Currently, the longest duration offer only is shown in order to reduce cognitive load at this final step of checkout. Shoppers can check the coverage details in the “What’s Covered” link, then simply add a Mulberry plan to their cart with the click of a button.