Mulberry Extension


Composer installation:

  1. Add module repository to your composer repositories
  2. Run composer require getmulberry/mulberry-m2-extension
  3. Run ./bin/magento setup:upgrade command

Module uninstall:

To uninstall, please refer to the official Magento docs at

The module uninstall script performs the following actions:

  • Removes the module specific system config values from the core_config_data table.
  • Removes the warranty product from the "apply_to" list for specific Magento attributes (price, cost, weight).
  • Removes all Magento products with type_id == warranty. This automatically removes warranty products from active Magento quotes.


Module Configuration

A merchant (admin user) can configure the following fields in Magento admin, which are required to initialize a Mulberry warranty iframe on the Product Details Page:

  • Enable Mulberry Warranty Block

    • Enables/disables the Mulberry module.
  • Mulberry API URL

  • Mulberry Partner Base URL

  • Platform Domain Name

    • Sets the merchant's domain name. If no value is set, the global value of $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] is used.
  • Mulberry Retailer ID

    • Sets the retailer ID generated in the Mulberry system.
  • API Token

    • Sets the Mulberry API Token for merchant authorization, when requesting warranty product information on the PDP.
  • Enable Post Purchase

    • Enables/disables the Mulberry "Post Purchase" hook.

Warranty Product Configuration

When the module is installed, it automatically creates

  • A custom virtual product type called Warranty Product.
  • A product placeholder that is used to store Mulberry warranty information during the customer journey.

When warranty information is retrieved from the Mulberry service, the product name and price are updated on-the-fly. These product placeholders can be found with the following SKUs:

  • mulberry-warranty-product
  • mulberry-warranty-24-months
  • mulberry-warranty-36-months
  • mulberry-warranty-48-months
  • mulberry-warranty-60-months

To set a custom image for a warranty product, use the default Magento product image functionality.


Please do not modify the SKU of the placeholder product. Otherwise the system won't be able to recognize and add a warranty product for an original Magento product.

Technical Documentation

Product Details Page

As soon as the DOM is fully loaded on the Product Details Page, the Mulberry iframe displaying warranty products is initialized.

Magento event observers

In order to add a warranty product to the cart, as well as process it during the customer journey, the Mulberry module listens to the following Magento event observers:

  • checkout_cart_product_add_after On this event, the module checks if the warranty product's hash has been passed as a form request. If so, a Magento warranty product placeholder is loaded using its SKU. Next, a REST API request is made to retrieve the warranty product's information (e.g. name, price, service_type, etc.). All of this data is stored under warranty_information of the particular quote item within the quote_item_option table.

  • sales_quote_item_set_product On this event, the module updates the product name of the warranty product (quote item).

  • checkout_submit_all_after On this event, the module runs the checkout success & post purchase hook. As soon as the order is placed, Magento makes an API call to the Mulberry platform, notifying it that the warranty product has been purchased. The API call is made only if the Magento order contains a warranty product.

Quote item options modifications

In order to store a warranty product's data, the module uses the following custom product options:

  • warranty_information This option contains a parsed API response about the warranty product added to the cart (name, price & other information).

  • additional_options This option uses the default Magento functionality to display custom options applied to the product. This information is displayed on the shopping cart, checkout, and order pages. If there are warranty products, the module stores and displays the following information:

  • Service type, e.g. "Accidental Damage Replacement".

  • Duration Months, an integer value that specifies duration of the extended warranty for particular product in months (for example, "36").