Setting up Mulberry Products in NetSuite


Please note that these steps are for standard NetSuite setups and may be different if you have a very custom set up.

A common practice is to use NetSuite in conjunction with an E-commerce platform to manage operational and financial tasks. When an order is placed online, the order flows from the front end E-commerce system into NetSuite. When integrating with Mulberry, insurance specific products will be created to sell protection plans. These insurance products are setup as any other products in NetSuite except for two key pieces.

Mulberry products need to be treated as virtual products. We do not want them sent to be fulfilled and hold up orders from being completed. In NetSuite this can typically be achieved by:

  1. Creating the Mulberry products as Non-inventory Items for Sale

  2. Making Mulberry products not fulfillable

Once the products are created and configured in NetSuite the connection can be tested by placing a test order. You will know it is setup correctly if the product displays in NetSuite with no errors.


If needed, Mulberry can provide a list of products SKUs if using an E-commerce integration (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce)