Klaviyo Post Purchase Integration

Klaviyo is a popular Email Service Provider used to keep in touch with customers. Mulberry has created an easy way to integrate into new or pre existing email flows to offer an opportunity to purchase protection after buying online. This is achieved by inserting a post purchase link with the order ID appended at the end of the URL as shown below.

Post Purchase Link URL specific to Klaviyo


The {{event.extra.customer.last_order_id}} placeholder may be different and needs to be set to whatever your order ID placeholder is. Typically this variable is available if you use Klaviyo to send any emails with order data included.


Retailer UUID

Retailer UUID can be found in your Mulberry dashboard or contact your partner success manager for assistance

Integration Steps

  1. Integrate via one of our Ecommerce platform apps (Shopify, Magento, etc) or set up a connection to our Carts API Endpoint. This will allow Mulberry to have a record of what products consumers purchased to make sure we can accurately serve the relevant protection plans.

  2. Create or choose an email template to insert the post purchase link into. This can be an existing campaign or a new campaign. Typically this is achieved by embedding the link into a button CTA.

  3. Push the changes live and do a test email to ensure the link is working properly.

Best Practices

  • Create a stand alone email campaign to allow customers to purchase protection to yield highest conversion.

  • The post purchase link should be embedded into an easy to find CTA the appears on desktop and mobile with
    no scrolling required.

  • The simpler the email the better - do not overcomplicate it with too much copy.